In conjunction with the Stadium at Perry Barr, fans can enjoy a 2 or 3 course meal before or during meetings in 2023 at a cost Of £20 a head for 2 course and £25 for 3 course—menu below.

One area of the restaurant will be set out with tables for use of diners only with table service available.

Please contact the stadium to book your table and pre-book direct -

Naturally your entry to the speedway meeting is through the usual entry where you can pre-book your tickets on or pay by cash or card on the door.  

There may be a limited number of tables and meals on the night but it is recommended to pre-book.

The downstairs cafeteria will also be open . Choose from:     Pie, Mash, Peas & Gravy (681 Kcal) ; Homemade Chicken Balti & Rice (780 Kcal); Homemade Chilli, Rice & Nachos (1153 Kcal);           Beef Burger & Chips (780 Kcal); Cheese Burger & Chips (846 Kcal); Kids Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Chocolate Fudge Cake (830 Kcal)

Please note that should a meeting be called off prior to 2pm , those who have pre-booked meals will be called to arrange a refund or transfer to another date . However , no refund or transfer will be available for meetings called off after that time .  

Speedway 2 Course


Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup served with Bread Roll & Butter â“‹ (RGF) (RVG) (250 Kcal)

Chicken, Bacon Caesar Salad served with Croutons & Smoked Bacon Lardons (RGF) (RVF) (345 Kcal)

Lemon, Dill & Smoked Mackerel potted Pate served with Granary Bread (RGF) (230 Kcal)

Tandoori Pepper, Mushroom, Courgette Kebab served with Sweet Chili Noodles â“‹ (188 Kcal)


Hunters Chicken Served with Cajun Spiced Potatoes & Tomato & Red Onion Salad & Slaw (RGF) (750 Kcal)

Pan-fried Pork Steak served with Champ Mash & Mixed Greens served with a creamy Stroganoff Sauce (GF) (735 KCAL)

Home-made Cheesy Bacon Beef Burger served in a Brioche Bun with Lettuce, Tomato, and Red Onion served with Chunky Chips, Slaw & Burger Relish (RGF) (1201 Kcal)

Thai Green spiced Hoki fillet served with Soy & Garlic Roasted Vegetables & Cajun Spiced Potatoes (GF) (647 Kcal)

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini served with Tomato Sauce & Herb Oil with Shaved Parmesan â“‹ (259 Kcal)

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Loaf served with Champ Mash & Mixed Greens â“‹ (VG) (GF) (578 Kcal)

Choose any dessert for £5.00

Home-made Chocolate Brownie served with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce (706 Kcal)

Apple Pie served with Vanilla Custard (RVF) (636 KCAL)

Vanilla Cheesecake served with Berry Compote (427 KCAL)

Raspberry & Frangipane Tart served with Strawberry Coulis and Coconut Shavings (GF) (VF) (562 KCAL)

Additional Side Orders - £2.50 each

Chips (252 Kcal)

Onion Rings (217 Kcal)

Garlic Bread (232 Kcal)

V - vegetarian / GF - gluten free / VG - vegan free / RVF – request vegan free / RGF – Request gluten free.

V - vegetarian / GF - gluten free / VG - vegan free / RGF – Request gluten free