Friday July 05, 2024
BIRMINGHAM CEO Nigel Tolley admits he felt extremely low as his side slipped to their joint heaviest defeat of the season at King’s Lynn on Thursday.

The Curtis Sport Brummies won just two races all night in Norfolk as they were comfortably beaten 57-33.

It was a result which saw their opponents pull further away from Birmingham at the foot of the ROWE Motor Oil Premiership table.

And whilst admitting his team badly missed injured No.1 Freddie Lindgren, Tolley also knows the rest of his riders were nowhere near good enough collectively.

“I did think we had a chance,” Tolley said.

“The track was slick, there was no depth to it, so I did think that was going to give us a little bit more advantage than normal over here.

“But we just didn’t come up with the goods again did we?

“I think we were badly missing Freddie and R/R obviously doesn’t suit us.

“Half way through I did feel like going onto the car park, curling up into a little ball and vanishing, we just didn’t look like winning anything all the way through.”

The Curtis Sport Brummies are back at Perry Barr this Monday (July 8, 7.30pm) where they could desperately do with a win at home to Oxford to take them into the Speedway of Nations break having restored a little bit of pride.

KING’S LYNN 57: Jan Kvech 14, Benjamin Basso 13+2, Ben Cook 12, Patryk Wojdylo 9, Niels-Kristian Iversen 7+2, Anders Rowe 2, Tobiasz Musielak R/R.
BIRMINGHAM 33: Piotr Pawlicki 10, Justin Sedgmen 8+2, Tom Brennan 7, Steve Worrall 5, Wiktor Lampart 2, Leon Flint 1+1, Fredrik Lindgren R/R.

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