Tuesday June 04, 2024
BOSS Sam Ermolenko felt the absence of skipper Steve Worrall and another different set of track conditions were two major factors in their home defeat against Ipswich on Monday.

The Curtis Sport Brummies were beaten 46-44 in the first leg of their Knockout Cup semi-final, despite being eight points up with nine races gone.

They were missing Captain Worrall, their top scorer in both meetings last week, having been diagnosed with labyrinthitis at hospital over the weekend.

And whilst Justin Sedgmen and Piotr Pawlicki both scored double figures, the Brummies have work to do to turn things around at Foxhall on Thursday (June 6, 7.30pm).

“I’m very disappointed, mainly for the boys,” Ermolenko said.

“They were very frustrated in the pits and we just couldn’t get any rhythm.

“The more we were trying to snap them out of it, it just seemed like we never caught on.

“You can look back at it and say the track was a lot different to what they’ve been used to with their set-ups.

“It was a gater’s track, it turned out that way, it wasn’t much of a racer’s track.

“It was very difficult for the boys to actually do the big moves and for us, Justin was the only one that was actually making a dent and getting into the front corner in front of the opposition.

“I was expecting a little bit more out of some of the guys and we were missing Stevie Worrall big time.

“We just needed that bit more support and that’s kind of where we lost it.”

BIRMINGHAM 44: Justin Sedgmen 15+1, Piotr Pawlicki 10+2, Tom Brennan 9, Zach Cook 5+1, Wiktor Lampart 4, Leon Flint 1+1, Steve Worrall R/R.
IPSWICH 46: Emil Sayfutdinov 15+1, Keynan Rew 13+2, Norick Blodorn 12+1, Jordan Jenkins 4+1, Scott Nicholls 2, Freddy Hodder 0, Jason Doyle R/R.

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