Wednesday January 24, 2024
BIRMINGHAM are offering businesses and individuals the opportunity to get involved with their step up into the top tier of British Speedway.

The Curtis Sport Brummies are back at the highest level of racing in the UK after a decade in the two divisions below.

A number of commercial packages are available, including Rider Kevlar Sponsorship.

Birmingham Director of Speedway Laurence Rogers said: “There is naturally a lot of excitement building now with the new season just around the corner.

“But with the Brummies moving back up into the top league, we believe now is an even more exciting time for people to get involved with the club than ever before.

“Because we’re in the Second City we do get a great amount of local coverage in the press.

“But now we’re in the Premiership and because the league is going to be broadcast via Eurosport and Discovery+, this opens up some real opportunities for local people with having their company logo or name on our race suits etc.

“We’re also keen for groups of supporters to club together and split the cost too.

“The club and our sponsors are going to gain some fabulous exposure between now and the end of October and we’d love to speak to anyone who is interested in joining the Brummies family.”

If you or your company are interested or would like more details, please contact our Commercial Manager Steve Rolleston by calling 07812851928 or e-mailing commercial@birmingham-speedway.com

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