Thursday August 17, 2023
ON Wednesday 16th August 2023 the Speedway Control Bureau held a Disciplinary Hearing for Mr. Nick Morris, who on the 12th July 2023 at Birmingham Speedway failed to comply with an Anti-Doping Test, therefore breaching a number of the SCB Regulations.

Following correspondence after the event with the legal team of Mr Morris, the SCB received confirmation on the 21st July 2023 that Mr Morris would plead guilty to the charge of ‘Failing to provide a Specimen’.

As per SCB Regulation:

* 08.2.1 Testing Procedure
i) A refusal to undergo Anti-Doping testing will be regarded for the purpose of application of penalties, identical to a positive test.

A further charge of:

* 018.2 Breach of Rules
c) Any attempt to influence improperly an official in the course of their duties.

was withdrawn.

The Disciplinary Panel took into consideration Mr Morris’ early guilty plea and written mitigation.

The penalties imposed are:
1. 2-year suspension of his ACU Licence
2. 2-year suspension of his SCB Registration
3. Fines and costs to the value of £1500

Additionally, as Mr Morris had entered an early guilty plea, the Disciplinary Panel agreed that both the suspension of his ACU Licence and SCB Registration would be backdated and therefore effective from the 13th July 2023.

This means he would be eligible to return on the 12th July 2025.

The panel also considered the mitigation with regards to time to pay any financial penalties, and agreed a period of six months. Therefore, this is due by the 29th February 2024.

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