Thursday October 20, 2022
BIRMINGHAM bosses admit they're having to play a waiting game when it comes to signing riders - but are excited by their potential line-up for 2023.

The Curtis Sport Brummies have been drafting up several 1-7s while they wait for the rules and regulations to be finalised at next month's AGM.

Team Manager Laurence Rogers said: "I've heard rumours of this rider going here, and this rider going there but we were strictly told that we had to abide by the agreed system in place for rider assets or we could get into severe trouble.

"The points limits is still to be confirmed and that's why on my desk I have several sheets of paper with all various team permutations on them.

"Trust me, there is nothing more I would like than to have a team in place now and be announcing our first few riders "“ but we have to wait patiently unfortunately."

Meanwhile, co-owner Nigel Tolley added: "Put it like this, we're going to have a good team out next season and an entertaining one at that.

"In the initial business plan I said we would build a team that would get into the play-offs - we didn't keep that promise to the supporters.

"So now we have to make sure we do that for them in 2023 and I'm already excited let's say that much."

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