Monday September 05, 2022
Congrats to the Birmingham DUCTAIR Bulls on retaining their MSDL title with a 22-14 win at Sittingbourne .

Skipper Arran Butcher notch a maximum,whilst debutants Max James ( a paid max) and Vinnie Foord had two wins and stopped when leading his first ride with ignition problems . Vice captain Bailey Fellows returned from injury but had a chain problem in his 2nd ride that saw him have to come off 15m .

Sittingbourne 14 (Chris Watts 4R 7, James Laker 4R 5+2, Rhys Laker 2r 1+1. Taya Thirtle 1r 1+1)

Birmingham 22(Arran Butcher 3r 9 max, Max James 3r 7+2 paid max, Vinnie Vinnie Joe Foord 3r 6, Bailey Fellows 3r 0)

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