Tuesday June 14, 2022
BIRMINGHAM captain Ashley Morris has stressed the importance of ‘digging deep’ ahead of Wednesday’s clash with Plymouth at Perry Barr (June 15, 7.30).

The Curtis Sport Brummies’ outside play-off hopes took a further blow last week as they fell to a fifth straight defeat when they faced Edinburgh.

They now find themselves ten-points behind sixth placed Scunthorpe with an uphill task in front of them.

Next up, they take on a Plymouth side who include former World Cup winner Hans Andersen alongside Perry Barr track specialist Ben Barker – as well as seven-times British Champion Scott Nicholls who comes in as a guest.

Meanwhile, Birmingham have booked Josh Pickering, who starred for Edinburgh last week with a set of entertaining outings, alongside Ricky Wells, who scored 7+2 for the Brummies against the Monarchs.

And whilst expecting another tough test against the Gladiators, skipper Morris is hoping for an improvement in both results and performance very soon.

“The score last week was obviously disappointing,” he said.

“We battled on but the result wasn’t what we wanted again.

“We did have some good races and we fought for every point – but in the end it just got away from us.

“It’s been so difficult, I think I’ve said that every interview so far this year though.

“It’s been a rough ride but we need to keep digging deep for the fans and for ourselves too.

“We just need to keep trying to pick out the positives, keep working hard and get some positive results between now and the end of the season.

“It’s going to be another difficult challenge [against Plymouth].

“They’ve been doing alright, they’ve got some good riders in their team and they’ll feel confident coming to us I’m sure.

“But we’ll hopefully be able to make some good gates, I think that’s becoming important now, and hopefully we’ll get off to a decent start in the meeting as well to get the confidence up.”

BIRMINGHAM: Ricky Wells, Stefan Nielsen, Justin Sedgmen, Ashley Morris, Josh Pickering, James Shanes, James Pearson.

PLYMOUTH: Scott Nicholls, Alfie Bowtell, Ben Barker, Michael Palm Toft, Hans Andersen, Ben Morley, Connor Coles.

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