Sunday April 24, 2022
JOSH Auty has been released from hospital after successful surgery on his broken leg.

The experienced Brit sustained breaks to his tibia and fibula which have now been pinned and plated.

Josh would like to thank supporters for all of their messages and best wishes.

Meanwhile, UK Life Medical would like to clarify the situation which saw last Wednesday’s home fixture with Berwick abandoned at Perry Barr.

Specialist Paramedic Marc Dodds said: “Josh sustained an injury to his leg and as the Paramedic covering the event on examination I felt that Josh may have sustained a fracture to his Tibia/Fibula.

“We provided treatment and ensured Josh had the right amount of pain relief to deal with this type of injury.

“Normal procedures when a rider requires hospital treatment is to call 999 and have a NHS County Ambulance attend.

“This way care can be passed on and the race meeting can continue.

“As we called 999 for Josh we were informed that there would be a 6 hour wait for a 999 response.

“The level of injury Josh received and the fact Morphine, which is a controlled drug, had been given meant that only a Paramedic could transport to hospital.

“Hospital delays also played a big part of what we faced as many Ambulances are kept outside waiting to go in, this was the case on arrival at hospital where we were told it would be a 5 hour wait.

“Thankfully we were able to get Josh in quicker due to his injury type, but this is not always the case.

“Even if the Club had a second Ambulance on site, the fact the Paramedic would need to travel would mean the meeting would still have to be cancelled.

“The NHS is facing unprecedented delays and this is having a knock on effect across the industry and impacts on meetings such as Speedway.

“The owners have tried really hard to keep this club going and have invested a lot of time and money into it.

“Some elements are out of their control and also financial implications have to be considered when needing additional cover, this is something that goes on behind the scenes.

“We always want to ensure everyone, riders, mechanics, track staff or spectators are always looked after if we are needed.

“Please be assured we are working on many solutions.”

Birmingham head to reigning Champions Poole on Wednesday (April 27, 7.30) with the next fixture at Perry Barr on Wednesday, May 4 (7.30) against Scunthorpe.

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