Wednesday November 17, 2021
PROSPECTIVE Birmingham consortium leader Nigel Tolley says the clock is counting down fast if they are achieve their ambition to keep speedway in the city.

Local businessman Tolley addressed a big gathering of supporters on Tuesday and outlined the current position regarding the proposed takeover of the club.

He confirmed a group of four members – which he hopes to increase to five over the coming weeks – have all pledged a significant investment to help bring the Brummies to the tapes in 2022.

No sale has yet been agreed with outgoing owners David and Peter Mason, as the consortium require all of their funds to be in place in order to proceed, and running costs at Perry Barr next year have substantially increased.

The club have been offered a one-year extension to their lease, but at a much-increased rent compared to this year, and also based on them staging 20 meetings with that rent to be paid whether that number is reached or not.

Tolley confirmed the intention is for the Brummies to again line up in the Championship next season, and the realistic deadline for entry is in early December.

He said: “I know Boris Johnson last week at the climate conference said it was five to midnight – well, regarding Birmingham Speedway at the moment, it’s two minutes to midnight.

“These next few weeks are absolutely vital, and we are here to see the future of Birmingham Speedway.

“There are many more hurdles to get over, but we will do our utmost for there to be speedway at Perry Barr next season.

“I’m talking to Peter Mason on a weekly basis, but everything has to be put in its place.

“It’s no good buying the fixtures and fittings if we’re not racing next season, and it’s no good signing a lease until we’re given the go-ahead to race, and we have to get these problems sorted out by the start of the month.

“We want to keep supporters as up-to-date as possible all the way through the proceedings. Without the supporters, we can’t go anywhere.”

Tolley said several avenues are being explored in order to secure funding to cover the rental increase – including a major drive for meeting sponsorship.

He believes that without heavy sponsorship, the club would require an average attendance of around 1,000 in order to break even.

He said: “We’re assured that the other stadiums that have the same owners are being offered exactly the same lease as we’ve been offered.

“If we talk about the same attendances as last season, this will be the final year for Brummies, so we’ve got to do whatever to make sure we’re getting preferably a minimum of 1,000 people into that stadium.

“We’ve got all sorts of ideas about that, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it work – and we also want to hear from supporters with any ideas they’ve got. We are determined to see Perry Barr open for speedway next season.”

The consortium is also set to offer shares in the new limited company to supporters at a minimum investment of £100.

They stress that at present they are seeking pledges only, and no monies will become due until their participation in 2022 is confirmed.

There will be benefits to supporters for getting involved, and full details will be available at shortly.

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