Sunday October 03, 2021
BIRMINGHAM manager Laurence Rogers has revealed there has been some interest declared in taking over the club.

Co-owners Peter and David Mason stepped down following Wednesday’s final meeting of the season against Edinburgh.

Rogers has paid tribute to the Masons but is refusing to leave himself and keep pushing for another Brummies takeover.

“We have had several bits of interest over the past week or so and I’m doing everything I can to get things moving in the background,” Rogers said.

“All I can really say is watch this space at the moment.

“We must thank Peter and David who have done a damn good job.

“I think it’s important to remember where they’ve brought the club back to as well and if it hadn’t been for one thing after another this year, I’m sure they’d be back.

“It’s a shame Peter’s health isn’t great at the moment and I don’t think any of the added Speedway stresses have helped that.

“David is very busy with their own businesses as well and for both of them, trying to run a Speedway club in the West Midlands from Sussex is very difficult.

“We thank them for what they’ve done for Birmingham Speedway though and of course I thank them for bringing me into the club with them as well – but I’m not prepared to let all of our hard work go to waste.

“I’m part of the furniture now, I can’t move from here and I won’t give up without a fight let me tell you that much.”

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