Sunday September 26, 2021
BIRMINGHAM favourite James Shanes is hoping to stay with the club next season – if new owners can be found.

Current bosses Peter and David Mason have announced they will be leaving the club this winter after a troubled campaign coping with Covid restrictions up until July which made it impossible to stage Championship racing.

Shanes, however, is keen to see the club continue into 2022 and is keen to remain at Perry Barr.

“I want to thank Peter and David for all the hard work they’ve put into running Birmingham Speedway,” said Shanes.

“It’s been a tough year for every club, but particularly Birmingham and I know how it’s had an impact on the owners. They’ve always been good to me, anything I’ve ever needed they’ve been there and I want to thank them for what they’ve done here.

“Now I hope there is interest and new owners can come and take over the club. It’s a fantastic race track when conditions are right, we’ve proved that time and again this season and it would be dreadful for the sport if it were to be lost.

“The fans are loyal and stick behind us through thick and thin and it’s a great night out. Now we need to see someone take it on and keep the enthusiasm we all have for the club.”

Bruimmies fa ce Edinburgh at Perry Barr on Wednesday in what could be the last meeting at the venue if new owners cannot be found.

It’s a Knockout Cup tie and Birmingham are 18-points behind from the first leg in Scotland.

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