Sunday September 12, 2021
BIRMINGHAM racer Ashley Morris says it’s vital for the team to win their home meeting against Edinburgh this Wednesday (7.30).

The Brummies lost a controversial clash with Redcar last week and defeat again on Wednesday will scupper their hopes of reaching the play-offs by finishing in the top six.

He said: “We’ve had some good results at Perry Barr and we need one on Wednesday to bounce back from last week.

“It was disappointing to lose after such a great start to the meeting but it didn’t work out in the end.”

Morris admits it’s been hard for him on a personal basis this season with a lack of track time.

“It’s been such a tough year for me, racing once a week isn’t ideal. I like to be busy and it’s been a season different to any other I’ve experienced,” he said.

“I’m up against lads who are on the bike three or four times a week and I’ve found it tough, hopefully it will be a bit different next year.

“It’s tough because if I’ve had a good meeting I’ve wanted to race the next night rather than dwell on it for a week and similarly if I’ve not been so good I’ve had to think about it for a week which is never good.

“I just want to keep racing and hopefully next season will be more normal.”

Morris has praised the Birmingham team for their efforts in what has been a difficult season for the club.

“We’ve kept going and tuck at it,” he said. “There’s a good spirit within the camp and we’re enjoying racing as a team.

“There have been some meeting in which we deserved better, like Edinburgh away when we were robbed by the referee, but generally I think we’ve done fairly well.”

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