Wednesday September 08, 2021
POPULAR Paco Castagna is urging everyone connected with Birmingham for ‘one big push’ in their play-off bid.

The Brummies face Redcar at Perry Barr tonight in their latest Championship outing looking for three more points in their quest to finish in the top six.

Castagna is a firm favourite with the Perry Barr fans and he wants to see plenty of them backing the team’s bid for extra meetings at the end of the season.

"I think we need to push all the way to the end and we have got a great team and team spirit, so we’ve got to go all the way to the end and push to go have them extra meeting,” he said. “It would be a good reward after this up and down season for everyone at Birmingham. We need one big push from everyone.

“The play-offs would be great but let’s wait and see first. We have matches to win to make it possible and we need the fans to join in and help us over the line.

“It’s a massive difference when I go out on track and see more people on the terraces and making plenty of noise in support of the Brummies.”

Castagna was delighted with his double-figure haul at Edinburgh on Friday and is looking for more of the same tonight.

He said: "I was fairly pleased with my own performance, 12-points at Edinburgh, I will take that all day long.

“But as I’m always looking to improve, a couple of changes after the interval would have made me score something more and that is still in the back of my mind, but overall it was a good night once again.”

Fans are reminded all stadium facilities are available once again and there is the opportunity to visit the pits before the meeting and also watch some of the action from the centregreen.

There is also a full programme of second half racing including some 125cc demonstration races at no extra cost to supporters.

BIRMINGHAM: Chris Harris, Valentin Grobauer R/R, James Shanes, Ashley Morris, Erik Riss, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas.

REDCAR: Charles Wright, James Sarjeant, Jake Allen, Lewis Kerr, Michael Palm Toft, Ryan Kinsley, Jordan Jenkins.

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