Friday April 16, 2021
The 2021 MIDLANDS + SOUTHERN DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE will consist of three clubs meeting each other home and away twice. Coming to the tapes are the reigning champions Birmingham , who won the title in 2019. Joining them in 2021 will be Eastbourne and Wolverhampton.

Each track will also be staging their own second halves as well with Wolverhampton also having a side in the new Premiership Junior League. They are organizing their MSDL side in conjunction with Birmingham .

League co-ordinator Laurence Rogers is pleased that the league will be back in a shortened 2021 campaign, “ Iwas determined that the league would continue . It is a vital part of British Speedway along with the Northern Junior League giving young riders their first taste of league racing and being in a team as a stepping -stone like so many before them into the higher leagues.”

“We have unfortunately lost the nomadic teams under new rules which is a great pity but once the pandemic is over and those clubs can continue their search for land for their tracks we can then hopefully welcome them back.”

“ A big thank you to Ian Jordan at Eastbourne and Chris Van Straaten at Wolverhampton for ensuring this league can continue by agreeing to enter sides. With an excess of riders wanting to ride for Birmingham we are assisting our West Midlands neighbours with their team building.”

“At Birmingham we plan to run a 2nd half every meeting and in addition to the MSDL we have agreed a three club experimental NJL Shield with Redcar and Berwick involving all three cc classes (125, 250 and 500) . We are also involving the Birmingham and Wolverhampton squad members split into 3 groups of 4 riders who will contest 2 Grand Prix type rounds each with the top 8 contesting a Final. We will also have demo races involving 125 and 250cc youngsters“

“Eastbourne also plan other events as do Wolverhampton so there should be plenty of track action for the up and coming riders.”

Weds 9 Birmingham v Wolverhampton A FIXTURE
Sat 19 Eastbourne v Birmingham A FIXTURE
Mon 21 Wolverhampton v Eastbourne A FIXTURE

Sun 4 Eastbourne v Wolverhampton A FIXTURE
Weds 21 Birmingham v Wolverhampton B FIXTURE
Weds 28 Birmingham v Eastbourne A FIXTURE

Mon 2 Wolverhampton v Birmingham A FIXTURE
Sat 7 Eastbourne v Birmingham B FIXTURE
Mon 9 Wolverhampton v Eastbourne B FIXTURE
Mon 30 Wolverhampton v Birmingham B FIXTURE

Weds 1 Birmingham v Eastbourne B FIXTURE
Sat 4 Eastbourne v Wolverhampton B FIXTURE

Dependent on fixture dates Birmingham will stage a MSDL Riders' Final with 8 riders over 8 heats with top 2 averaged riders from the 3 clubs and 2 wild cards.

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