Monday March 29, 2021
BIRMINGHAM boss Laurence Rogers says the signing of German international Erik Riss is ‘perfect’ for the club.

Double World Longtrack Champion Riss is the current Championship Individual title holder and joined the club on Friday after weeks of negotiations.

He’ll lead the charge alongside former Grand Prix star and Great Britain international Chris Harris with Ashley Morris, Paco Castagna, James Shanes, Valentin Grobauer and Jack Thomas also on board for the Perry Barr outfit.

“Now we’ve finally got a full team I cannot describe my excitement for the season ahead,” Rogers said.

“We’ve had a gap to fill for quite a while now, but Erik fits our requirement for a dependable heatleader and gives the side a real solid look from 1-7. He’s a perfect signing for us.

“As a known consistent scorer, he and Bomber (Harris) will be a force at the top of the side with some solid support underneath them and we’ll also always have a strong looking pair of reserves as well which is important.

“Erik certainly has plenty of pedigree and he rode to a highly impressive 15 point maximum in 2019 for Redcar on his first ever visit to Perry Barr.

“He looked a class rider that night and he’ll be well received by the fans I have no doubt as he’s another entertainer and he never knows when he’s beaten which is what the Brummies’ faithful love to see.

“We’d spoken to a few riders where things just haven’t worked out for one reason or another and a couple of our initial main targets had ruled themselves out of Championship racing this year.

“At times we haven’t known which way to turn next, but things fell into place quite nicely in the end.

“Naturally he was due at Redcar originally but decided to go for Poland, Denmark and Sweden but has had a change of heart and became available and we snapped him up with the help of King’s Lynn and we must thank them for their assistance in getting him not only back to the UK but to Birmingham as well.

“As soon as we knew Erik was available and looking for a Championship team spot, we wasted no time at all and spoke to him immediately.

“We couldn’t be happier with the look of our side; it’s full of riders with plenty of capabilities, it’s full of characters and that blend will hopefully prove successful.

“I think we are genuine play-off contenders and Perry Barr is certainly going to be the place to be on Wednesday nights later in the year!”

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