Thursday February 25, 2021
POPULAR Paco Castagna is on his way back to Birmingham and will be joined by young British talent Jack Thomas.

Following news of turnstiles clicking at sports venues again from May 17 British Speedway bosses have set that date as the launch of the new season after losing a complete Championship year.

And Brummies co-owner David Mason got straight to work by finalising his first two signings.

“I think it gave everybody a bit of a lift and it acted as a bit of light at the end of the tunnel,” Mason said.

“Don’t get me wrong we’re not out of it yet and there’s still a big public effort needed to make sure everything happens by the intended dates.

“But as a sports club, to have a date to aim for to get things back up and running is great – and it’s brilliant for the supporters too who deserve to have something to look forward to.

“For ourselves, there’s still plenty of hard work to do behind the scenes in terms of at the stadium and to do with the team.

“We have got one new rider we need to find as everybody knows and we’ll keep working on that until the right missing piece appears.

“In the meantime, it’s great to have both Paco and Jack back on board first and they’ve both got a big part to play this year.

“Jack is one rider I’m really looking forward to watching and working with this year.

“I was at Kent when he raced in his first season in the National League in 2016 and from day one you could certainly see he’d got something about him.

“He found things a little bit tough during his time at Leicester, but every single time we have spoken to him since you can tell he’s itching to get his career back on track.

“As for Paco, he’s a real crowd pleaser, he knows how to put on a show and we know he’ll have a solid and consistent year.”

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