Friday August 20, 2021
BIRMINGHAM couldn’t prevent Scunthorpe from maintaining their unbeaten home league record suffering a 52-38 defeat at the Eddie Wright Raceway on Friday night.

There was a perfect start for the Brummies, though, as German duo Valentin Grobauer and Erik Riss clinched a 5-1 in the opening race of the night.

That was as good as it got in the early stages for the away side as the Scorpions reeled off four straight race advantages to put them 18-12 up.

Skipper Chris Harris managed to stop the run of home wins with victory in the re-run of Heat 6 after teammate Paco Castagna fell in the first staging of the race.

And then Ashley Morris fell in the next heat whilst chasing Thomas Jørgensen for the lead which gifted the hosts a 5-1 to put them 26-16 up.

Despite wins for Grobauer and Harris in the Heats 8 and 9, the Brummies found themselves still 10 points down after Riss finished last on a tactical substitute ride.

The visitors were given a glimmer of hope in Heat 11, though, with Grobauer and Riss securing another 5-1 to put them within six points of the Scorpions despite Riss suffering a frightening rear tyre blowout coming over the finish line.

That seemed to spur the home side on, though, as they clinched three heat advantages from the remaining four races to secure a comfortable win.

Birmingham boss Laurence Rogers said: “It was a tough result. We were in with a chance at one point but it just didn’t happen for us.

“It was a great performance from Valentin and there’s a lot to come from him after not having a great start to the year with injures but last night he showed what he can do with three great wins.

“It’s non stop for us now through to the end of August and into September racing two or three times a times a week so it’s going to be a busy time for the boys but there’s still plenty of time to get some points to get us up the league table.”

SCUNTHORPE 52: Tero Aarnio 12, Jordan Palin 11+1, Simon Lambert 7+1, Thomas Jorgensen 7, Theo Pijper 6+3, Lewis Kerr 5, Josh MacDonald 4+1.

BIRMINGHAM 38: Chris Harris 12, Valentin Grobauer 9, Erik Riss 7+3, Ashley Morris 5, James Shanes 3+1, Paco Castagna 2, Jack Thomas 0.
Championship points: Scunthorpe 3 Birmingham 0

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