Sunday November 15, 2020
PHIL Morris has revealed how he ‘loved’ the majority of his time in charge of Birmingham.

Morris is now Race Director for both the Grand Prix and Speedway of Nations series and has recently broken his silence on his time at Perry Barr in 2013 and 14.

“I loved most of it,” he said. “To make two Elite League play-offs, reaching the final in the last one after finishing top of the league with a team that was predicted to be bottom or second bottom in the Speedway Star’s pre-season edition, was great.

“Jason Doyle stepped up a level, Martin Smolinski had a great season and then we had solid riders like Danny King and Ben Barker, we brought in Nico Covatti and Josh Auty as well.

"In the other year there was Chris Harris and Bjarne Pedersen, they were great people to work with and I would like to think I had a good rapport with the riders.

“I tried my best to never get too heavy with them while also letting them know what was expected. They all know their jobs, though, you don’t have to explain it to a rider.

“There was only one rider I fell out with, it was when I said he could have done better and he said he was happy settling for second place – that disappointed me.”

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