Sunday May 10, 2020
BIRMINGHAM skipper James Shanes admits the current lack of racing is a massive shock to the system.

The 23-year-old has been a multi-discipline racer since his school days and is used to having a constantly busy schedule.

But with racing currently on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Shanes’ diary has been completely stripped.

And he has quite literally noticed the change of pace in life right now – after swapping his Speedway bike for a tractor.

“I got a job working on my fiancée’s parents farm and I hate to think where I’d be without it now to be honest,” Shanes said.

“I’m just doing whatever I can to help; I’m usually just fixing broken things but apparently asparagus season is coming up so that should keep me busy!”

“It’s a massive shock to life for me right now because all I’ve ever know is being busy and travelling all over the place.

“I was looking at the calendar last week and it was only then when it really hit me how busy I should’ve been right now.

“We would’ve had four meetings in a week with Birmingham and last weekend I should’ve been flying in and out of Germany too.

“So I should be getting plenty of laps in at 60/70mph now or whatever it is – but last week I was happy to finally get the tractor to 10mph!”

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