Sunday August 25, 2019
BIRMINGHAM completed a gruelling Northern tour with a 54-36 defeat at Newcastle – despite a superb performance from Adam Ellis.

The Edwards Plumbing Brummies’ No.1 won his first four rides but was denied a 15-point maximum when he broke the tapes ahead of the final race of the night.

In fact, there was little flow at all to what was a long-running meeting on Tyneside, with several riders falling foul of the referee at the starts.

Home No.1 Steve Worrall was first to touch the tapes in Heat 1, which allowed the Brummies to take an early lead when Ulrich Ostergaard, who started the season at Perry Barr, ground to a halt at the start of the last lap.

Tero Aarnio, back on another of his old home tracks, took Heat 3 after Diamonds man Lasse Bjerre had demolished the tapes, but the hosts went ahead for the first time with a 5-1 in the next as Jason Garrity came to grief.

Garrity was again on the receiving end of a Newcastle maximum in Heat 6 despite his efforts to catch Worrall and Ostergaard, and then Aarnio broke the tapes in the next as the Diamonds stretched ten clear.

Brummies guest Connor Coles took a heavy fall in Heat 8 before Garrity put a win on the board in the next with Aarnio adding third place as a tactical substitute.

But the Worrall/Ostergaard combination put the match beyond the Brummies with maximum points in Heat 10, even though Ellis responded with his third win of the night in the next, and he then defeated Worrall and Thomas Jorgensen in his fourth outing.

A home 5-1 in Heat 14 took the overall advantage up to the 20-point mark with Max Clegg’s contribution at reserve proving decisive.

Ellis’s hopes of an unbeaten night went up in smoke with his start-line transgression in Heat 15, before Aarnio won the re-run and the Brummies ended with a 4-2 as Jorgensen came to a halt.

Manager Laurence Rogers said: “Overall it wasn’t a happy end to our three-match tour, the positives being Adam with four wins and Tero also rode well.

“I don’t know how many times I was on the ‘phone to the referee, because his inconsistency was unbelievable, and really it carried on from Berwick last night.

“It wasn’t fair on particular riders, and even the Newcastle fans were giving me support for going on the ‘phone so often.

“Connor Coles took a knock to the stomach and had to withdraw after his crash, and also Jason has gone to get checked out because he’s pulled his back.

“He’d already hurt it at Edinburgh on Friday and has ridden through the pain barrier over the weekend, but in his last ride he pulled up on the centre-green and is going to hospital on his way home – so that may be another problem for Wednesday night.

“Nick (Agertoft) also worked really hard to take six rides whilst not being fully fit himself after Connor had to pull out.”

Brummies complete their home league campaign with successive Wednesday fixtures against Berwick and Scunthorpe, starting this week (August 28), whilst their remaining away trip to Eastbourne has now been set for Saturday September 28.

NEWCASTLE 54: Max Clegg 14+2, Ulrich Ostergaard 9+2, Thomas Jorgensen 9+1, Matthew Wethers 8+1, Steve Worrall 7+1, Lasse Bjerre 4+1, Danny Phillips 3.
BIRMINGHAM 36: Adam Ellis 12, Tero Aarnio 9, Paco Castagna 4, Jason Garrity 4, Tobias Thomsen 3, Connor Coles 2, Nick Agertoft 2.

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