Sunday August 11, 2019
ADAM Ellis has sung the praises of new Birmingham signing Jason Garrity.

Garrity is preparing to face his former club Scunthorpe at Perry Barr on Wednesday and Ellis says Garrity’s arrival has lifted the pressure on his shoulders.

He was stunning in the 45-45 draw at Scunthorpe on Friday and the Edwards Plumbing Brummies are gunning for all three points when the sides meet again in mid-week.

“The first few meetings were ok but then Ash Morris got injured, then Tero Aarnio got hurt and we were struggling,” he said.

“I obviously then missed a few meetings and that forced a few more changes.

“It’s nice to have a little bit of pressure taken off me because Jason has come in since and he’s the sort of rider who can easily go out there and score a maximum on any given day.

“So if two or three of us can go out there and score double figures, that takes pressure off the rest of the team as well and we know what we’re capable of when we’ve got a full team.

“I’ve enjoyed being back at Birmingham and while scoring 14 or 15 points is nice, it’s not much fun when the team is losing.

“But I think we’ve got a really solid team when we’re at full strength and when we’ve got seven riders here we can match anyone, especially at Birmingham.”

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