Friday July 12, 2019
PERRY BARR favourite Paco Castagna issued an apology to Birmingham’s supporters following their heaviest defeat of the season.

A depleted Edwards Plumbing Brummies side went down 62-28 at highly fancied Glasgow.

It was the club’s biggest loss in over four years - but it was always going to be a mammoth task as they travelled to Scotland without three of their top four riders.

If injuries to Tero Aarnio and Ashley Morris weren’t enough, Brummies were also without No.1 Adam Ellis due to personal commitments - and were only able to bring in a National League youngster in Matt Marson.

But they were literally forced to settle for second best all night long.

Captain James Shanes and popular Italian Castagna were arguably Birmingham’s biggest threat with recent recruit Nick Agertoft also demonstrating some further encouraging glimpses in just his third British fixture.

Experienced Berwick man Kevin Doolan also battled hard as a guest while reserve Danyon Hume will have learnt plenty from another meeting back in the second tier.

Castagna admits he feels for the club’s supporters - but also hoped they understood the team’s situation.

“When you look at that score of course it’s embarrassing but without three of our main riders it was always going to be our toughest meeting of the season,” Castagna said.

“If you’d have said at the start of the season that Paco Castagna would have started one meeting as the highest averaged rider even I would have laughed to be honest no matter what the circumstances.

“But when you’ve got injuries and riders missing it is so, so tough and it couldn’t have been timed any worse to be honest because Glasgow are such a strong team.

“They are title challengers for sure and that’s another reason why I hope people don’t read too much into tonight.

“Of course it’s disappointing but at Birmingham we always have riders who try and I know the supporters appreciate that.

“Every race we were trying something different and I used a new set-up every single race for example so we are always trying to improve.

“We’ve been feeling the love from the fans on social media in good times and bad times and we will turn things around for them again soon.

“Like I say I’m hoping people can forgive us for this one; hopefully we’ll have a couple of the boys back for the next one and we can do a lot better at home where we’ve been starting to ride so much better over the past month or two.”

Brummies host rejuvenated Redcar at Perry Barr this Wednesday (7.30).

GLASGOW 62: Rasmus Jensen 15, Paul Starke 13+2, Craig Cook 12+3, Claus Vissing 11+1, Connor Bailey 6, Jack Smith 5, James Sarjeant R/R.
BIRMINGHAM 28: James Shanes 8, Paco Castagna 7+1, Kevin Doolan 7, Nick Agertoft 4+2, Danyon Hume 2+1, Matt Marson 0, Ashley Morris R/R.

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